Friday, March 14, 2008

“Una Sa Balita, Una Sa Public Service”

DZMM Radyo Patrol Sais-Trenta, 630 kHz Metro Manila, is the flagship AM station of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation in the Philippines. The station's studio is located at the ABS-CBN Broadcast Center in Quezon City, while its transmitter is located at Obando, Bulacan, and the station operates 24 hours a day. At present, DZMM is considered as one of the top stations in the AM band in Metro Manila and is recognized as one of the most awarded radio stations in the Philippines. DZMM is also simulcast via The Filipino Channel and also has a television channel on SkyCable named DZMM TeleRadyo where the studio and hosts of its programs can be seen by its listeners and viewers.

This particular radio station not only makes use of the radio waves and that is also make use of television, its coverage area is vast. Whoever has a radio or a television most likely does listen to or watches DZMM.

A part or one of the segments or programs of the show is that the hosts read messages to the station, to other people, and greet listeners, they also give out free legal advice, and help the callers.

The hosts are competent at their job. The news is completely factual with the occasional use of sarcasm (but still factual), occasionally they have guests on air. The languages most commonly used on the show are Filipino an English, but as to which is used more prominently is unknown.

One failing of the station is not in content, per se, but the hosts sometimes mention videos or images, which to their radio audience is highly impossible to view unless, they use their imagination or they have a television set in their vicinity. Another is that although the station does give the different sides of an issue equal opportunity to present their case, the hosts are still human, and the station is owned by humans with their own agendas, that the occasional biased comment it let slip from the mouths of the hosts or the interviewees.

DZMM is overall a good station to listen to in the morning if one was unable to read a newspaper, or was too lazy to actually read one. The news given is up to date, and asides from news there is a morning traffic update, that will help anyone heading either to work or to school to know the best ways to pass and where to avoid passing.

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